Gran Fondo – an Italian term for “big ride”.  In cycling culture, it usually means a singular event that encompasses riding a distance of a minimum of 120km. Although it is not intended to be a competition, usually prize categories are established for certain achievements and benchmarks.

The Gateway Gran Fondo is a combination of getting out on your bike with exploring the sights of Toronto and getting to destinations you may not have ever been before. The idea is to navigate various city streets, bike paths, and routes safe for cyclists and enjoy the beautiful aspects of our great city.  You don’t have to be a racer or experienced cyclist to do the Gran Fondo, just have a working bicycle, helmet, and energy to get out and ride. The purpose of the Gran Fondo is to get our community out on their bikes, and we want people to experience: accessibility and connection to communities outside Flemingdon and Thorncliffe Park, enhance the cycling culture of our neighbourhood, explore more of the Ravines and trail networks, provide more opportunities for outdoor activities during this pandemic, and further develop cycling skills.


The Gateway Gran Fondo is an achievement based event in which you have 6 weeks to accomplish riding as many kilometres as possible using our published and recommended routes and destinations. We have a link to each of our routes (see to the right).  Each link will take you to a separate page with a description, recommended route, and photo of the landmark/destination we want you to go to. Once you complete the route, you go to our Report A Ride page and fill out the Google Form as well as upload a selfie photograph at the required destination. The top 3 individuals riding the most kilometres or routes  will receive special cycling related prizes at the end of the 6 week period.

The steps to participate in the Gran Fondo are as follows:

  1. Register here to participate in the Gateway Gran Fondo.
  2. Ride any route at your own convenience within the 6 week period. Please be safe.
  3. Record your ride and upload a selfie photo (you at the destination point) to the Report-A-Ride page.

Added bonus:  We at Gateway Bike Hub are a City of Toronto funded program under the Community Reduce and Reuse Program for the Solid Waste Management Division. Our mandate is to divert waste from landfill and we primarily teach those in the community how to repair bikes and also refurbish old bikes. If you do not have a bicycle but wish to participate, please contact us at or call 416-551-2011.


Our routes show the starting point is from the Gateway Bike Hub on 10 Gateway Blvd. in Flemingdon Park. But, depending on where you live, you can start from anypoint and declare it on our Report-A-Ride form. The distance in kilometres will be recalibrated depending on where you start from. Instructions on how to report your ride are on the Report-A-Ride page. These routes/rides are in no specific order, you can ride each route at any time, and as many times as you like but only one report from each route will be accounted for when tallying up your kilometres. Click on each route below to find more information.

Recommended Routes:

Evergreen Brickworks

High Park

Tommy Thompson Park

R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Stan Wadlow Park

Riverdale Farm

Woodbine Beach

Corktown Common

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Rouge National Urban Park

Warden Woods

Participants can be of any age.  Children under the age of 12 are expected to be accompanied by an adult.

  1. Start date: July 16, 2021,  End Date: August 27, 2021. You can start at any time and end any time within this time period.
  2. Information required on Report-A-Ride must be 100% complete. Incomplete forms will considered invalid.
  3. We strongly recommend that participants doing Gran Fondo routes be safe and adhere to the following rules:  wear a helmet, avoid any unecessary risks, abide by rules of the Highway Traffic Act, and be considerate of others when riding.
  4. Feel free to contact Gateway Bike Hub for any assistance in obtaining a bike, repair, advice and cycling tips, or any other information related to the Gran Fondo.