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Our staff and volunteers can teach you how to repair your bike or fix it for you. Either way, you’ll feel more confident on the road. Call us at 416-570-38831 or send an email to make an appointment in our state-of-the-art workshop. We have all the tools and supplies you need.

Check out our calendar for Do-it-Yourself hours when you can bring your bike to the Hub and use our tools and space to get your ride tuned up.

Gateway Bicycle Hub

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Take a bike lesson at one of our Learn to Ride events.

Do-it-Yourself videos

Check out our videos where our team of mechanics show you how to care for your bike and make basic repairs at home.

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How to fix a flat

1: Wheel removal

2: Removing the tube

3: Patching & installing

Tip Tuesday Series

Saddle height

DIY Fender